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Myriad Facilities Group have sponsored Raising Smiles as our 2020 charity of the year.

Many children from infant until their teens spend time in hospitals, short term and long. Our NHS do such a fantastic job caring for our sick children, however the majority of the impact is through the strain on families and themselves due to being seperated. This can effect adults let alone children. Children deserve to be with their familes and enjoy a comfotable life, and importantly everyone deserves to be HAPPY.

That’s where Raising smiles comes in, they help young children they help make children feel normal and cared for. Delivery gifts and letting take part in activities.

For more information on Raising Smiles, head over to their website and see how you can help 

Myriad Facilities Group will help Raising smiles by sponsorship and donations, watch our news feeds and social media account to track our updates.



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