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Shops big or small are constant target for theft, with convenience stores and supermarkets being the most targeted due meats cheese and alcohol. From 2018, it was reported that the total cost of stolen items per store was £1,739, a staggering amount to loose. Theft is not the only contributing factor to procure in security services. Anti-social-behaviour is another crime which can be a burden on any retail shop or centre. Retail is and will always be the biggest target for crime.

That’s why our retail security guards are trained to the highest of standard to ensure productive counter measure and loss preventions methods are in place to help reduce the impact on retailers. Choose Myriad Facilities Group to secure your retail store or shopping centre.

Retail Stores

From clothing stores, to convenience stores. These will always be a high target for criminals, our methods help deter criminals away before even entering your stores. We always try to pre empty threats before hand, to protect our clients and also customers which are already in store. We evaluate each stores and the best practice to successfully reduce theft of stock, by ensuring we deploy fully licenced security guards, and develop their training to best tackle trends and crime. We reassure our client staff by ensuring shops are visually deterred whilst keeping a good image to our clients brand. If you have been a target for theft and ASB, rest assured Myriad Facilities Group will come and help solve those issues for you.

Shopping Centres

Shopping centres are considered to be a high threat, the role of security guards for shopping centres have also adapted throughout the years. Its our aim to provide a first class service by deploying qualified security guards to secure shopping centres, it is also important for us to ensure we have customer service focused operatives on site to help holster reputation and increase customer footfall. We implement procedures and operations which protects a high level of duty of care to all members of the public and customers, this means Counter-Terrorism Procedures, Natural disasters, incident management, disaster recovery, and health and safety monitoring. We are fully prepared and experienced on ensuring that our clients shopping centres are a safe and secure place to visit and shop for all customers and members of the public.

Store Detectives

Store detective roles within retail and security are considered one of the best practices to reduce loss prevention. Highly trained security guards go undetected to provide a secure environment for staff, customers and stock. Our store detectives are highly experienced and know how to best practice isolated and regular incidents, whilst protecting themselves, staff members and our clients brand. We understand social media impacts which can result in bad press, so we train all our security guards and personnel on how to deal with incidents effectively. That’s why Myriad Facilities Group is a go to security company for store detectives.

What makes us different

As a security company, we continue to evaluate and understand how we can do better. We evaluate our frontline security operatives safety by implementing procedures and training exercises to help build safer working enviroments. Within retail sector, we feel it’s important to open up a communication network with other retailers and businesses in the local area, helping build stronger foundations and relationships to effectively capture and reduce crime and report it.

Furthermore, we want to give back to our clients of than a fantastic service, that’s why we hold free training and knowledge courses to our clients employees and staff. Helping everyone understand current trends, factors and complicaitons. This means we are all on the same page. Call us today to see how Myriad Facilities Group will help protect your stores.



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