Retail Park Security

Keeping your retail park safe and secure to both customers, general public and tenants, whilst providing key support to everyday operations.

Retail parks are a huge growing market within the UK. Providing huge brand and retailers stores to trade, within a large area. Unlike shopping centres, retail parks are based outdoors and sometimes left vulnerable to crime and customer disputes.

As part of our retail park security, it is vital we provide a safe environment to all retailer, customers and the general public. We achieve this by constantly assessing risk and environmental factors daily. Before opening, and before closing.

What we do

  • Regular routine security patrols
  • Complete up to date reports, including regular occurrence records
  • Provide dynamic risk assessments to prevent public accidents such as slip trips or falls
  • Provide on-site first aid to all retailers, and customers.
  • Site specific risk assessment and job specific training and procedures
  • Provide customer service
  • Manage incidents
  • Head security
  • Provide 24-hour support
  • Control access
  • Communicate and provide reports and support to emergency services
  • In depth, multi car park management
  • Opening and closure of retail parks
  • Complete Health and Safety reports
  • Deter crime

How we do it

  •  Fully licensed, and vetted SIA security personnel
  • Individual and job specific training
  • Comprehensive, in depth assignment duty schedules
  • Experienced Key Account managers
  • Proven company policies and critical success factors
  • Dedicated 24-hour control room support
  • Site specific operation analysis

Why outsource Retail Park Security?

Managing retail parks from a security perspective requires, knowledge experience and flexibility. Myriad Facilities Group offers our retail park client a full compressive package. This means, risk assessment, incident reporting, staff training and recruitment is all completed by us. This does not only save huge amount of time, it can also save money by not draining on in house resources and time.


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