Hotel Security

Bringing additional support to staff front of house operations, as well handling incidents and occurrences.

Myriad Facilities Group has already worked with huge hotel and hospitality brands, both with every day running of operations, and through additional events. Our proven track record with working within the hospitality industry proves our approach and delivery works, and are a specialised company in the UK, for Hotel Security.

Our goal coincides with our clients’ goals. Providing quests with a safe and enjoyable experience.  Our experienced security staff are specifically trained into the respected roles of hotel security guards. Their job and assignments are tailored to them, to ensure our services provide the necessary knowledge, capable of delivering first class results.

What we do

  • Regular routine security patrols
  • Complete up to date reports, including regular occurrence records
  • Assist and or manage, front of house operations.
  • Provide customer service
  • Manage incidents
  • Head security
  • Provide 24-hour support
  • Control access
  • Communicate and provide reports and support to emergency services
  • Complete admin base duties, specific to security functions

How we do it

  • Fully licensed, and vetted SIA security personnel
  • Individual and job specific training
  • Comprehensive, in depth assignment duty schedules
  • Experienced Key Account managers
  • Proven company policies and critical success factors
  • Dedicated 24-hour control room support
  • Site specific operation analysis

Why outsource Hotel Security?

All hotels are running and managed in their own specific way. Myriad Facilities Group understands the vulnerabilities our clients face. You may have staff shortages or need additional support on weekends. Myriad Facilities Group are a fully experienced Security company. By outsourcing your security, not only are you receiving experienced personnel with the force of the security company backing the operations. It completely alleviates in house staff time and resources, focused on a department which may be time consuming and as a result, a loss of productivity.


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