Distribution & Logistics Security

A security company you can trust to handle your logistics

Distribution centres are regarding as a huge target for theft. Most centres are located in rural areas due to the sheer size of the premises and facility space needed. Myriad Facilities Group understands exactly how laxed security procedures can affect the day to day running of logistic companies. Our security guards are trained specifically to each and every clients site, with the adoption of principles staying the same. Our security guards undergo continued training to recognise new trends and methods which can distrupt our clients business.

Site Securing

Maintaining a secure perimeter is key to having a secured site, our security solutions of how to best strategize our patrolling methods and guard posts are vital to establish a sound premises. Each and every client site is individually assess to understand and best service our client. No two sites are the same, each customers site has their own vulnerability. That’s what makes Myriad Facilities Group a go to security company for distribution and logistic companies.  We fully consult our client’s on how many guards should be deployed without over spending, over pricing and over buying.

Access control

Distribution centres have a high influx of staff and visitors, that’s why its key to have security guards in place to ensure no unauthorised people gain access to site. Poor access control not only allows unregistered people onto site, it can jeoprodise site safety as you have no means of monitoing who are on site, leading to potential serious implacations. Thats why Myriad Facilities Group trains staff per our site and not as a genric training programme, so the security guards deployed to your site controls access in and out, keeping your business secure and safe. We visitors are signed in, and unwanted guests kept out.

DOR & Traffic management systems

Myriad Facilities Group have in place the tools and software to keep up to date with everyday admin on site. Distribution sites have a high volume of traffic coming in and out, so its vital drivers sign in, seals are checked, correct vehicles are leaving and entering. Security should always be the first and last line of defence, thats why we fully understand how logistics work. “letting loose” vehicles freely can have serious implactions if its not managed properly.

Daily occurrences should always be recorded and if anything serious should arise be reported back to the client. That’s exactly what our security guards do, our systems ensure we have a open network from our staff, to our control room, our management and then to our clients, so everyone is kept in the loop.

We promise to deliver on our services, and your expectations are met. We continue to liaise with our customers to keep on top of site security and safety, making us a go to company to supply security services to your distribution centres. Get in touch with us today.

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