Construction Security Guards

Do you need security guards for your construction site, choose us and we guarantee you full site protection 

Construction sites are a big target for thefts, with sites holding materials, expensive machinery and high end tools. Many reasons why construction sites are a prime target and also a huge demand for security companies to deploy construction security guards to. It common knowledge that being a target for theft through materials and machinery as well as tools can be costly, not only just to replace but also slows down the finish time for the project.

In order to ensure maximum security for your construction site, Myriad Facilities Group deploys exceptional knowledge security guards who are licensed and well trained within the construction industry, to help safeguard your site from unwanted theft.

Arson and criminal damage also plays a significant impact on financial loss, construction sites are still a huge target for youths. We identify trends and vulnerabilities throughout the contract extension.

We know and fully understand in todays functions, Health and Safety is a vital aspect of construction companies maintain, and it is also ours; to provide a safe working environment for all staff, members of the public and visitors. That’s why we always aim to deploy CSCS licenced security guards to ensure your supply chain procedures and policy’s are up adheared to. We can also supply where needed Shea gas qualified operatives, working near railways and all other enhanced qualifications, we ensure are pushed through to delivery the needs of our client.

Construction Security Guards

Security guarding is still the most sound and secure way of protecting our clients construction sites, its immediate response to potential threats, and it deters away crime as an act of visual deterrent. We deploy security guards which take site safety seriously, and also provide the necessary qualifications as required by yourselves and your clients. We don’t just secure, we can help aid deliveries on site, provide banksman and first aid qualified security staff.

For the people

Construction projects aren’t a permantly fixed contract, so that means when a project is finished it can also mean a job finish for our security operatives. At Myriad Facilities Group we consult all our staff who are deployed to work on temporary projects to ensure they have work and means of sustaining a wage after our clients projects are finished. Wether its enuring they move on to the next project, find alternative position, or even help guide them on to another company.



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