Risk Assessment

Riska assessment for your business or home security

Unsure of your site security?

We have the skills to test your sites by experimenting with your current security measures. We test your out of boundary places/back of house areas, your signing of contractor or visitors, delivery procedures, which we call site penetrations. You’ll have a fully detailed report and a consultation to improve your security procedures. Or we can carry out full site risk assessments and continue to review and implement when necessary.

Risk Assessment

At Myriad Facilities Group, our head office staff are IOSH qualified, and provide you with professional risk assessments, update them accordingly to the severity of your site. All RAMS will be carried out with a full detailed consultation and advise where needed.

The only way to ensure your site is secure is to have regular audits by an outside company. By testing your site vulnerabilities, we test multiple security areas such as breaching out of bound areas, is your data protection how it should be. Signing in of contractors and visitors, engaging with your employees and testing their security procedures. After testing your security we will provide an analytical account with full consultation into the improvement of your on site security.


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