VOID Property Inspections

Protect your empty premises from unwanted crime or potential squatters.

Squatting is a huge concern to empty premises and of course the landlords who own them. In highly populated city’s, squatting is a huge issue for Landlords and commercial property owners. The correct security and facilities need to be in place to protect your buildings.

Our VOID property inspections ensure that, no concerns of potential break ins have occurred, no one is within the building. Full Assessment of the building and identifying weak or a lack of signific security to either deter potential crime or squatters claiming your premises.

What we do

  • Regular routine security patrols and mobile patrols of the full premises
  • Complete live reports and proof of presence on site
  • Provide dynamic risk assessments continually
  • Lock and unlock doors and gates to the premises
  • Show a visual presence on site to reduce the risk of recognisance
  • Site specific risk assessment and job specific training and procedures
  • Manage incidents
  • Deter crime
  • Setting intruder alarms
  • Provide vital inspections to buildings
  • Take meter reading on gas or electricity
  • Client specific duties

How we do it

  • Fully licensed, and vetted SIA security personnel
  • Individual and job specific training
  • Comprehensive, in depth assignment duty schedules
  • Experienced Key Account managers
  • Proven company policies and critical success factors
  • Dedicated 24-hour control room support
  • Site specific operation analysis

Why Choose Myriad Facilities Group

 Myriad Facilities Group have a strong dedicated team to push our services we provide to the very best. Keeping your property or premises safe from crime or squatters are our top priority. We understand that it can be a tough and expensive road to travel down if your property becomes a victim to squatters or crime, such as arson. That’s why we provide intense reports and raise concerns and security vulnerabilities to our client. This ensures that whatever our mobile security operatives raise, the issues in hand can be processed and completed in a quick timely manner.


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