Lock and Unlock

Have your building protected after you leave and before you arrive. Our comprehensive mobile services ensure your building is safely secure out of hours.

We ensure your premises are not vulnerable to crime, by showing a strong presence on site, checking all windows and lights are switched off, doors and gates closed securely.

Myriad Facilities Group, already have a mobile round service which operates 24/7. Why don’t you get in contact and see how joining our portfolio will help secure your building.

What we do

  • Regular routine security patrols and mobile patrols of the full premises
  • Complete live reports and proof of presence on site
  • Provide dynamic risk assessments continually
  • Lock and unlock doors and gates to the premises
  • Show a visual presence on site
  • Site specific risk assessment and job specific training and procedures
  • Switch off lights
  • Manage incidents
  • to emergency services
  • Deter crime
  • Setting intruder alarms

How we do it

  • Fully licensed, and vetted SIA security personnel
  • Individual and job specific training
  • Comprehensive, in depth assignment duty schedules
  • Experienced Key Account managers
  • Proven company policies and critical success factors
  • Dedicated 24-hour control room support
  • Site specific operation analysis

Why is Lock and Unlock beneficial

Not only does Myriad Facilities Group provide a secure lockdown of your premises, by means of patrolling. It provides a high visibility presence at your site deterring crime away. We also save energy and help accomplish your goal of reducing energy consumption by switching off lights, air con or heating and also closing windows, stops vulnerability but also keeps heat from leaving.


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