Alarm Response

Alarm response is a vital service which is best outsourced to Security companies. Receiving a call early hour of the morning can be a burden to any staff, however safety is paramount and ensuring your building is safe to enter is vital.

 Intruder Alarm

Mobile Security Intruder Alarm

There are many reasons of why an intruder alarm may activate, sometimes it is even unknown why it activated. However, there is no such thing as a “false alarm”. There is always a reason behind why a certain PIR sensor has triggered. Could have been the weather, could have been spider webs, or even a build-up of heat.

At Myriad Facilities Group, we ensure a full patrol and try to get to the root of the problem. Beforehand it is safe to enter the building.

Single Intruder

Most common activations are single intruder activation, which means one PIR sensor has triggered, but the alarm has not been unset in a certain time period.

Confirmed Intruder

Means more than one PIR sensor has triggered, and the alarm has not been unset. Has detected movement and confirmed someone is in the premises.

Keeping yourself safe whilst on an alarm response is vital, that’s why it’s best to outsource alarm response to a security company, such as Myriad Facilities Group.

Fire Alarm Activations

Manual Cool Point

Most Fire departments longer automatically attended your premises, unless concerns of an actual fire has been carried out. The ARC will assess the situation, modern fire systems are clever and will notify the monitoring centre whether a building is on fire or smoke has been detected. This however does not mean you should not have someone go out and check the building within an hour response time. This is in the case of faults or inaccurate information being relayed to the ARC.

At Myriad Facilities Group, We already attend our clients’ premises in the case of fire faults or activations, simply to ensure the building safe and secure, and carry out further patrols and or update the ARC of any panel faults which can be dealt with swiftly. Full internal patrols will be carried out and a health check on your panel will be done.

What we do

  • Attend your premises
  • Complete live reports and proof of presence on site
  • Provide dynamic risk assessments
  • Complete an investigation report to analyse the cause of the alarm
  • Escalate to emergency service if needed
  • Manage incidents
  • resetting intruder/fire alarms and ensure they hold, with no faults
  • Escalate the incident to the ARC or alarm engineers
  • Remain on site until the premises is resecured

How we do it

  •  Fully licensed, and vetted SIA security personnel
  • Individual and job specific training
  • Comprehensive, in depth assignment duty schedules
  • Experienced Key Account managers
  • Proven company policies and critical success factors
  • Dedicated 24-hour control room support
  • Site specific operation analysis

Why Choose Myriad Facilities Group

 We, Myriad Facilities Group, a mobile security company specialist ensures that your premises are monitored and secured 24/7. We promise our client either a 30 minute or 45-minute minimum Service Level Agreement (SLA). Meaning agree to get to your premises in that certain time period. We are experienced and knowledge within the alarm response field, our reporting ensures that our clients receive the information which provides in depth reports relating to the activation.


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