Mobile Security Patrols

Need Mobile Security Patrols?

Myriad Facilities Group VanMobile security patrols are an extremely effective and cost saving service which Myriad Facilities Group provides. Mobile security patrol not only protect and deter crime away from your premises, it can also reduce loss of waste such as energy. It’s a fantastic way to help protect your building or site without costing you thousands of pounds.

Myriad Facilities Group provide our clients with a transparent service, with detailed reports telling our clients exactly what has been conducted, investigated and found during out mobile security patrols. Rest assured your premises will be looked after whilst your away from your premises, knowing our highly trained mobile security guard operatives are out conducting patrols out of hours.

External Mobile Patrols

Our mobile security guard operatives ensures your external areas are constantly secured, paying close attention to detail in regards to fencing, doors, windows and refuse area. In-depth patrols will be carried both on foot and in a vehicle, to ensure maximum deterrent on your external areas. Be sure to know if anything was untoward, our mobile security guard operatives will be quick to react. Depending on your premises, mobile patrols can stop travellers pitching up, stop youths from hanging around your site, deter burglars away, and potential criminal damage or graffiti and even from setting your refuse area on fire. All reasons why security mobile patrols are a key valuable service purchase.

Internal Mobile Patrols

In a building where multiple staff member enter and exit, it can be hard to keep track of who should be locking up and who’s responsible its almost impossible. (You can also check our blog out for further information on reasons to outsource patrols). This means your building can be vulnerable to potential crime if you don’t have the correct services in place. We ensure your building is fully locked down and secured upon completion of the mobile security patrol. We can also help save you money by switching off appliances, lights and aircon/heating. Meaning your protecting the planet and saving yourself money. Our detailed reports are individually tailored personally to each and everyone of our clients building or premises, which you can look at everyday.


VOID Property Unit Patrols (Vacant properties)

Vacant Property Security

More and more empty units are being targeted by squatters, rave parties and illegal festivals. Costing the landowners ten of thousands of pound through evictions notices, court cases and aftermath cleaning. It’s an unsettling and painful process to go through. That’s why Myriad Facilities Group VOID property inspections safeguards our client to potential adverse property rights. Call us today if you feel your property could be a target and let our security guard operatives and security mobile patrols protect your premises.






Have your building secured during out of hours, our reliable mobile response will ensure your building is patrolled, lock and unlocked. During an intruder or fire alarm, have our mobile team check your premises out without the need of disturbing you out of hours if it was a false alarm. It is also a lot safer and convenient to have experienced professionals attend your business premises. Our reporting tools will show a clear example of what we do on your premises, and continue to improve your building’s security.

Give us a call today to see how Myriad Facilities Group can take care of your premises.

Worried about the safety of your keys? Don’t worry, we comply with British Standard 7984:2008 which is a promise that your keys will always be tracked and secured. Never be worried about being locked out of your premises, or receive several calls, having to attend your premises to let your tenants in.

Mobile Man Guarding Services

lock and unlock

Lock and Unlock

A mobile unit for your property.

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mobile patrol

Mobile Patrol

Have your business look professional and protected.

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alarm response

Alarm Response

Out of hours support for your business.

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void propert inspection

VOID Property inspections

Fully qualified.

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