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Closed Circuit Television

Moving with technology. As the security industry is catching up with modern technology, providing sites with the use of CCTV has never been easier. Sites can be fully operational with cameras in a matter of days, and it’s still very cost effective. All products are tested through durability and sustainability. We are fully confident in ensuring all legal requirements are in place when providing CCTV. If you are unsure on the CCTV or electronic security measures are needed, give us a call.

We provide CCTV to both Residential, Commercial and ensure we comply with all legal and statutory requirements or help and consult regarding the law.

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Alarm installation

Home alarm systems – From wired to wireless solutions, provide a deterrent and a response to a burglary.

Door Entry Systems

Door entry systems are in place to help secures external and entrances to premises or internal area. It is a safe security measure to help regulate an entrance door or gate to either domestic or commercial property.

Alarm Servicing and Maintenance

Myriad Facilities Group can provide servicing, repairs, and maintenance to most alarm systems. No matter the date or time, we are 24/7 and can be called out at any time.


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