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Empty units are a prime target for unwanted visitors, sometimes even claiming squatters rights. Whilst your empty premises sit around without generating income, it can become even more costly without the necessary security measures. However, during this COVID-19 pandemic, there is also another “trend” currently at large.


COVID-19 has been challenging for a lot of  people, for some. Lockdown has stopped some people enjoying themselves. For either political or recreational needs, illegal raves have become an increasing  concern for commercial property owners. Bristol and the surrounding areas have hit headline news, particularly one in Yate, Bristol. 700 ravers turned out to the illegal event. Prompting sever anger amongst local residents.


No one want to fall out with their neighbours, it can brandish a sour relationship, as much as it can

damage your brand. illegal raves can sometimes go on for days, keeping the neighbour hood up throughout the night. One event which took place in Bath, residents claimed it could be heard from miles around, even with the windows closed, all the way through the early hours of the morning.

As a result this created huge social media noise, angry residents voicing their frustrations of the nuisance caused by the illegal event goers.


Whether it be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A lot of these events inevitably turn to violence once the police turn up.


Unlike squatting, which can be a burden for any commercial landowner of evicting squatters. Illegal raves, are illegal. So police are required to step in and take control. With mandated lockdowns, it also becomes more of a priority. However.

Cleaning up and repairs can become extremely costly, the clean up alone can cost an highly amount, with COVID-19 around. This clean-up may become even more expensive. At a time where the economy is struggling, unneeded cost have become more damaging than any other time.


The biggest clue for potential illegal raves taking place are advertisement. That’s right. A lot of these events take place over social media, although mainly in closed private groups, sometimes events can break through the private barrier. It will have a vague location, but industrial estates where large warehouses are empty are amongst big hits.

Illegal events, believe it or not takes a bit of planning. Event organisers will spend a bit of time in researching a premises.

Also if you see any of the following, you should immediately call 101.

  • Vans unloading sound equipment and lighting
  • More and more people gathering in an unusual location.


Myriad Facilities Group are well experienced in dealing with VOID properties. Security Mobile inspections, as well as alarm response are a proven service which helps prevent squatting and the current trend illegal ravers.

Not only do we patrol, but we carrying out routine surveys, such as water and electric meter readings. Routine patrols, most  certainly throw off intelligence gathering organisers. Regular security presence is certainly a red cross amongst organisers.

By the off chance, a spontaneous organiser decides to take control and launch the event. You can guarantee an alarm response will have a mobile officer turn up and take the steps required. Event goers do not turn up in the masses. Merely it gathers by the numbers slowly, so turning up early and responsively, can result in an early dispersal.

CCTV of course is a sound measure, many goers would not like their faces recorded by CCTV. CCTV is something we offer and take control over.


If you have any note of concern about your property, and are looking for a really  cost affective service. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. 


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