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Myriad Facilities Group, a Bristol based Security company, who services the South West. We like to post in depth security blogs to give a insight to the Security Industry. 


Are you receiving maximum productivity with your events security? Have a look at the roles and responsibilities of a typical events security operative. 

Summer is a particular busy time for the security industry with events running up and down the country. As fun and delightful as events are, there are risks round every corner. From casualties to access control, it can be a long weekend for a security guard.     


Access Control – Main duty for an security officer at an event. Guards will ensure that no unauthorised persons enter, either through collect tickets or through observations. Upon entering, security may be subject to ask people if they can be searched, looking for any banned items. Depending on the type of fencing, guard should routinely patrol the perimeters to look for any breaches and damages which could lead to a rupture in security.

Crowd Management – Events as you know consists of large crowds, either at main spectating area where customers are drinking and dancing, or even leading in a mosh pit. Guard should actively montitor the behavoir of the crowd, and detect any problems about to or currently arising. Guards should also have a planned route, this is for enabling crowd traffic in case of emergencies or when ushering them upon event finishing. They should ensure there’s no danger to a build up of out of control crowds which may lead to danger.

Emergancy Response – No different to any other role of security. Guards will have a briefing and a procedure plan to deal with a certain type of incident, these range from:

  • First Aids
  • Large Fights
  • Fire
  • Weapons or fire arm attacks
  • Bomb threats

A plan will also consist of a chain of command, there should also be a centre control which have a wide communication to all security staff .

Customer Service – Security guards can really make a difference in customer service. Security stand out and are likely to be asked a series of questions and problem solving. Customer service should be encouraged and engagement with them.


These are the fundamental duties of an typical event. There may be ad-hoc roles which a client has specified or asked for.

All incidents are well anticipated, this comes from experience and a well prepared team.


Myriad Facilities Group  offers Events Security to Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Cheltenham. We also cover all South West, click here to find out about our services.

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