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Check out these fantastic home cleaning tips, which does come with loads of chemicals and substances. 5 Quick tips which you can implement today.

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Steam Your Microwave

Exploding foods, and thick sauces sticking to the microwave can cause a lot of work for someone trying to remove them. Also a lot of people actually forget to leave the microwave door open to let the food aromas vent out.

Fill up a microwaveable bowl with hot water, and turn the microwave on four 5 minutes. After the five minutes, use a damp cloth and watch the grime just fall off.




Bristol Cleaning Blender

Let The Blender, Clean Itself

A lot goes through a blender, especially for me. Making curry pastes, or preparing it for my breakfast over night oats. A lot goes through a blender, and if you use a lot of spices and pastes. Your blender, if left really late can stain, and take a while to remove the smell of garlic or onion for example.

Fill up the used container with warm water and washing up liquid immediately after use. Then blend it up! It cleans the blades and immediately cleans the blender container. Will save a lot of time and a lot horrible stains and smells.



Bristol Cleaning Lint Roller

Lint Roller For Your Furniture

Our fury friends as much as we love them can leave their fur on our furniture, even if you don’t allow them to rest on your sofas. Their hairs can travel and get stuck to the fabric.

Use a lint roller of your fabric furnitures to easily remove fine hairs and tiny crumbs. As a vacuum may sometime miss sucking up those hairs, especially if you can’t see them yourself.




Bristol Cleaning Fabric Softener

Fabric Softener Spray

A fantastic tip which I use all the time, in fact I spray it in the car sometimes. Mix one table spoon of fabric softener with water, into a sprayable bottle.

This not only leaves your house smelling fantastic, but it helps by remove soft stains using a soft cloth and your homemade spray. Its fantastic for your bedding too!




Let The Lemon, See The Fridge

Putting a lemon inside your fridge will help lift the smell of your fridge and defeat nasty smelling aromas.

Cut a lemon in half, and put one half at the very top of your fridge, and one half at the bottom. You’ll notice the difference in a few hours.





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