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You have just sat down, ready to eat your tea or watch your favourite TV programme. The phone rings, someone has locked themselves out, or someone needs to access the building… or even an alarm has gone off. Let’s look at why outsourced keyholding is a benefit.

Forgetting or loosing keys

Forgetting keys aren’t rare, and if only one colleague is in charge, could lead to several things such as:

  • Missed appointments and meetings
  • Unanswered calls/emails
  • Loss of sales and potential customer loss
  • Locksmith charges

Outsource key holding will certainly help reduce the impact, with a Customer Service Level Agreement (the agreed time of attending from first point of call out) SLA, stressing over forgetting or loosing keys will be a thing of the past (hopefully).

Staff Members won’t feel responsible

Some staff members don’t like holding the responsibilities of keys, therefor outsourcing keys takes that concern away.

Keys are kept secure and are audited

All security companies such as Myriad Facilities Group should or must stick to the British Standard 7984-1:2016, Key Holding and Response Services, this ensures that keys are always kept secured, and the whereabouts are always located.

Who can it benefit?

Anyone can outsource their keys to hold, but most of the key holding clientele comes from:

  • Residential
  • Offices
  • University halls or accommodations
  • Hospitals/clinics
  • Void property units

Outsource your keys, and reduce one less stress off your working or even your day to day life.

Myriad Facilities Group offers Events Security to Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Cheltenham. We also cover all South West, click here to find out about our services.

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