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Myriad Facilities Group provides alarm response as part of our security services. Why outsource alarm response? Well here is 4 reasons it can be vital and beneficial to outsource them.


The most important reason would be your safety. Mobile security operatives know exactly how to deal with an alarm response, and the most safest way, constantly calculating risks to prevent danger to themselves. They are the experts (besides the police). Myriad Facilities Group security guards have continued training to best safeguard themselves on alarm call outs, and we continue to develop processes to best deal with scenarios. Sending yourself or staff members that are on call may attend an alarm response may head straight into the premises or building, not knowing the cause of activation or if there is an intruder still in the building. Don’t gamble on safety, outsource your security services to a professional specialist security company.


No one likes getting disturbed early hours of the morning, particularly if it’s continued false alarms. It can daunt your evening, getting calls can also wake up not only yourself but for your family members or lodgers. It’s a morale crusher, especially in the winter months when it’s cold, wet or icy, driving whilst tired, all factors that can really upset yourself.

Furthermore, if there was a break in on your premises or the alarm fails to set, it’s yourself who has to remain on site, waiting for an alarm engineer or even police to turn up and investigate. This takes up so much time, and it happens.



Being called out throughout the nights disturbs sleep, making yourself or your staff members who attended the call extremely tired. This effects the work rate and work productivity from the member of staff. It’s never nice to work tired, it will affect results and performances. Outsourcing to security companies like Myriad Facilities Group ensures none of your staff or yourself ends up on an alarm call out. Choose us, a professional security guard mobile service.


Untrained staff or lack of knowledge could have serious implications to your building or premises. Sometimes people don’t expect the unexpected such as a break in, as it’s outside the normal routine. You could attend a building and just simply reset the alarm and not check the building properly, not reading the correct activation zones. You or your staff member could even leave a door insecure especially when tired. Leaving your premises exposed even more. Procuring in a security company for your alarm response means taking any out of hour response from yourself or your team.

Ensuring a person is on call every night and has the keys to the building can cause extra work load. Furthermore having a mistake such as having the on call persons phone on silent accidentally, phone switched off or even missing phone calls. You can avoid all these human errors by simply letting a security company like Myriad Facilities Group take over, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Myriad Facilities Group is one of Bristol’s upcoming security companies, specialising in security guard services. Our Bristol mobile patrol service ensures premises and buildings in and around Bristol are constantly secured out of hours. Get in touch with us today. 

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