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Looking for a reliable key holding company?

It’s an endless task looking to out-source key holding, who do trust, who do you use? Why should you outsource?

Well key holding is nothing but beneficial to outsource if you have a large enough premises or building, or even a landlord who look after multiple houses/building and becoming popular student accommodations. We take the strain off our clients so they never have to worry about replacing keys and attending lost key call outs, it can be a tiring task to have to keep going out late at night to let tenants in. We manage all key admin, including if keys need to be cut, replaced or re distributed. Letting you focus on your own work.

How are keys secured

All our keys are catalogued, this includes pictures and full key details such as serial numbers and key types. They are then assigned a unique seal number, seal numbers are use to determine a site address without having a site address on a key… because that would not be secure. All keys are signed in and out on a daily basis, any one who moves this keys has to sign for them, any keys which need to be used. Requires a seal to be broken, this allows us to manage any keys which have been used or removed, the seals are also tamper proof, so we would know if any thing towards accurs we would be able to tell.

Where are keys keptĀ 

Keys are kept in their respected HQ during the day, secured in lock boxes which are also controlled in a re enforced lockable cabinet. During the night, they are KEYS IN TRANSIT with our mobile security operative, the keys are securley locked down to a chain to prevent theft on a break in, when an officer is away from the vehicle if on patrol.

How do we ensure compliance

As a security company, offering key holding services, we abide by the British Standard of 7984-1:2016. Meaning we uphold our audits and security of keys. We are currently going for our accreditation to prove to our clients we adheare to the standard.

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