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How are Mobile Patrols so effective?

Mobile visits, such as lock up, unlocks and mobile patrols are a popular form of deterring and prevention of crime, and prevention of loss. But how? Why are they used so much, and how can they make a positive impact for your business?



It’s Friday, approaching towards the very end of the day. Weekend is in touching distances, your visualising your outfit for the weekend, or your fun day out. You’ve finally completed your work for the week and you’re the last one out, you haven’t checked the windows are shut, the doors aren’t locked, and the alarm isn’t set. Major Problem.

However, you have a contractual Monday-Friday Lock up service (Monday-Sunday if you service 7 days a week). Security comes along and secures the premises, shuts those open windows, locks those doors, ensures no staff or unwanted visitors are left in the building and alarms your building. The worry and panic have been resolved.

If your building is being scoped for a potential burglary its very unlikely your premises would be targeted by burglars. The timing of locks/unlocks should be crucial to the time of staff leaving. Not leaving a large time-scale between lass staff member leaving the premises to the security provider locking/unlocking the premises. This reduces the time available for a potential crime for occurring, and can deter burglars away.


A reliable and effective mobile visit, whether its Lock up or unlocks, mobile patrol. Should highlight all factors resulting in safety. This primarily means that the building upon patrolling is safe for staff to enter in the morning. Those wintery mornings, it’s still very dark outside, there’s an issue with homelessness outside your premises, this can be very intimidating for staff to enter. This should be reported and the attending security operative should be able to move the homelessness on, without causing a conflicting situation. If there is an ongoing Anti-Social-Behaviour occurring around your premises, the security provider should be in close contact with the local police team to report and help with preventing the ASB.

Health and Safety issues should be reported appropriately depending on the severity of the issue, lights out and not working should be reported, slip, trip and fall hazards should try to be prevented by the operative, if not leaving notes to make staff aware upon arriving.

All fire hazards should be highlighted and acted upon straight away, left a heater on under the desk? Massive potential fire hazard. Your building can be vulnerable just from human error more than you think. It is also a common procedure left out that fire doors are not closed upon securing the building, this stops the spread of an any potential fires spreading throughout the building OR slowing the fire down dramatically. Overloaded or unsecured bins can also play a contribution in arson, a security provider should highlight these problems and secure them away.

Energy Saving

One main aim of a security provider should be the prevention of loss. This means energy being wasted through lights and appliances being left on.  We all have a social responsibility to play, and helping prevent energy being wasted for no particular reason should be a main priority. Save on electric bills and pay for a secured service.


It may be another cost your thinking off, and probably think I could do without. However lock/unlocks aren’t all that expensive, and your selected security provider should be able to consult you and find your needs. What financial benefits is it for you?

  • Lower your insurance premiums – (Insurance company understands the positive impact having security response and visits have on a premises, by notifying them you have security visits will see your insurance premiums drop.
  • Save on energy bills, appliances and lights/ aircon being switched off and turned back on in the morning appropriately
  • Preventing anti-social-behaviour can have a positive effect, reducing the chances of criminal damage such as graffiti, rubbish left around, nuisance car meets and any other related problems with large number of people hanging around. Prevent high costs such as security equipment’s, cost of cleaning and legal costs. Prevent it.

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