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Avon Fire & Rescue has announced it will no longer attend to fire alarm activations, in a bid to reduce time spent on false alarms across Bristol and Avon. They will only attend if they know the building is on fire, this went live as of April 2020. Service Plan (2019-2022) has been implemented to ensure maximum resources to risk and public safety. If an automatic call is received from an Alarm Receiving Company (ARC) then a response will not be automatically mobilised.

Steve Quinton, from Avon Fire & Rescue said: “Ninety seven per cent of all alarms attended last year turned out to be false alarms.

“Each false alarm diverts our emergency vehicles away from real emergencies.

“False alarms also impact on our prevention and protection work, core and critical training and increase the risk to road users from unnecessary blue-light responses.

“These new procedures will bring the service in line with other fire and rescue services across the country and also addresses concerns raised following a visit from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services HMICFRS visit in 2018.

“I would like to encourage all businesses to now ensure they have suitable procedures in place to manage their alarms and ensure all staff are aware of their procedures and that alarms are fully tested in accordance with the relevant standard.


Fire services will no longer automatically attended your premises, unless concerns of an actual fire has been carried out. The ARC will assess the situation, modern fire systems are clever and will notify the monitoring centre whether a building is on fire or smoke has been detected. This however does not mean you should not have someone go out and check the building within a hour response time. This is in the case of faults or inaccurate information being relayed to the ARC. 


At Myriad Facilities Group, We already attend our clients premises in the case of fire faults or activations, simply to ensure the building safe and secure, and carry out further patrols and or update the ARC of any panel faults which can be dealt with swiftly. Full internal patrols will be carried out and a health check on your panel will be done.


Simple, just let your alarm receiving centre know we are your alarm response contact.


Depending on the type of service, key holding could apply as well as a call out fee which is a very reasonable price.


If you are worried about your premises, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Do not gamble, have a secured contingency in place. Give us a call we would love to hear from you.



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