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Myriad Facilities Group Limited offers comprehensive security and facilities management to a wide range of clients from all across the market.

Ever wondered why Mobile Security exists and why clients procure such services? Well here’s why.


Lock up and unlocks releases a lot of pressure of staff, when companies operate in offices where there is multiple staff members, it is hard to keep track of who is the last to leave, or who’s in charge of locking up and setting the alarm. After all, one staff member may be behind on work and is working overtime to get a project or task completed. Time ticks over and you’re in a rush to get out and you forget to lock up. Your building or premises is now vulnerable all through the night. Handover the responsibility to a professional security company like Myriad Facilities Group, have a designated time to ensure your building gets locked up in time, windows and doors checked, and alarm set.


The worst thing ever is waking up in the morning nice and early getting, getting reading for work feeling positive. Then you arrive at your office or place of work. Go to get the keys out of your pocket or bag and you realised… You left them at home. The sheer horror of staff waiting to get in, and the sound of your heart racing. You have to go home and get them.

When outsourcing unlocks, its our of the responsibility of staff to unlock as made in the point above RELEASE RESPONSIBILITY. Not only that but being locked out of a building can damage loss of revenue and productivity within your business. Don’t fall victim, Myriad Facilities Group will ensure we have your building unlocked at the right time. Our disaster recovery plan also means we are prepared in a force majeure event or even a fault of our own.


Again releasing responsibility can also reduce your impact on energy waste. Leaving multiple lights on from staff not switching them off can have negative affects on both the environment and your energy bills. Air conditioning and heating can also be altered to save minimal waste when the buildings that are not occupied. Switching off printers, turning that completied dishwasher cycle off are all postive signs of reducing your carbon footprint. Helping you stay compliant your evnviromental policy.


Most insurance companies will reduce your premiums if your premises or office is protected by an outsourced security company such as ourselves. Meaning you save money along the way.


Myriad Facilities Group are one of Bristol’s upcoming Security companies. We are an outsourced facilities management company.

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