London Security Services

London; one of the biggest financial capitals of the world packed with high thriving companies and opportunities. We can supply a security services from many different sectors throughout the city of London. From securing premises by security guarding or mobile patrolling. The market is endless for us to supply. It is also one of the most visited places on earth, meaning security is vital to businesses, from tourist attractions to government buildings.
We feel it’s important to ensure our employees receive a London living wage, so we adopt this in our pricing for services in London whilst also able to provide an incredible price to our clients. Better environment for security officers means better productivity for our customers for security guards or mobile patrols. Call us today.

If you’re looking to procure and source security guards in London. We specialize in Corporate Security, Construction guards, Retail security officers, hand picked London residents to ensure maximum knowledge.

London is thriving with numerous buildings filled with hundreds of personnel, locking and unlocking of premises have never been more important in London. Get in touch to see what we can do.

Capital cities invites crimes, so we want to ensure our clients are relaxed out of hours and provide a great response to buildings and premises in London. Our close network ensure strategic organisation and tactics in place to reach your premises in time. Make sure you have your site protected and use Myriad Facilities Group for your London Alarm Response.

London is packed with bars and clubs in every district. The demand for bouncers, club security is endless. London also holds global events, meaning stewards and security is needed all year round. For a quote speak to our operations team today.


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