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Myriad Facilities Group, a Bristol based Security company, who services the South West. Myriad Facilities Group, like many security companies offer alarm response to clients properties. But we like to do things differently, view our latest blog spot on how to stay safe on an alarm response. 

If your a company that does not outsource your alarm response. There is a crucial checklist you need to be aware of prior to entering a building which has just gone into a intruder activation. Few companies allocate staff to go on call, and hold keys. In a previous blog we have talked about the benefits of outsourcing your keyholding.

Lets start from the very beginning of the call out. 

Kit List –

  • High Vis Jacket
  • Strong Footwear
  • Torch
  • Mobile phone
  • Hard Hat (depending on the type of building)

Type of activation –

When a call gets put forward to you, it should instruct what type of activation it is. The common types are. Single Intruder, Confirmed intruder. Single intruder means only one zone has activated, the sensors have picked up movement in one zone, and has not unset the alarm in time. Confirmed intruder is more than one zone activated (meaning someone is in the building).

Upon arrival –

Once you have set off and you have got everything you need, before entering any part of the building. A external visual check should be carried out, if it is a confirmed intruder, stay on the phone whilst carrying out visual external checks. Police may already or have been on site to check, if police have been sent out wait for them to arrive.

Look for… 
  • Broken Glass
    • Forced Entry
      • Vehicles on Site
        • Lights on or off

If any signs of forced entry have been detected, broken glass, you can see lights within the premises call 999 immediately, return to your vehicle and keep safe.


If your happy that there are no obvious signs of people within the premises or building. Enter the building (where the alarm panel is) usually staff entrances. Read the alarm panel and see what it reads. It should tell you which zones have been triggered. There should also be a map of zones, most alarm panels now give a description or a name to the zone for example. Staff kitchen. Turn all the light on and head to the zone. Try to find any reasonable causes of the activation, if your unable to do so, just carry on with a full internal check of the building. Once your happy, reset the alarm, turn the lights off, and lock up.

What to do if

Smashed window on site – Ring police immediately, inform them of a potential burglary in progress.

No alarm Sounding – Sometimes alarm silence after a certain time to reduce noise pollution, carry on as normal.

You carry out a patrol and see someone – Potentially dangerous situation, always keep your distance. Identify yourself and ask them to identify themselves. If they claim their cleaners, maintenance or a colleague. Call your manager of the building for them to confirm of any scheduled works. If they are supposed to be on site, ask for copies of Identification. If no works have been scheduled, ask more questions from a safe distance and challenge them, don’t put yourself in a dangerous position, be in position to exit the building quickly if need be.

Myriad Facilities Group offers Events Security to Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Cheltenham.

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