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Myriad Facilities Group is a Bristol based Security company, who services the South West. We like to post in depth security blogs to give a insight to the Security Industry.

Bicycle theft crime makes 2.2% of all crimes committed in the postcode area. The total volume of bicycle theft crime is 2.2k and has increased by 12.8% when compared year-over-year in the period of October 2017 – September 2018.

Extremely worrying stats, and unfortunately bicycles are very rarely recovered and returned to the rightful owner. How can you help reduce the possibility of bike theft?

Locks – An obvious one it is, however the type of lock you use maybe the difference between secured and unsecured. Look for a strong sturdy lock, look for standard and durability on the product labels and check reviews. Consider double locking your bike, this will slow down the process of a thief cutting your lock. 

Location – Avoid well known areas which have a high bike crime rate, although it’s not always possible to retrieve this infomation. Picking a good spot to secure your bike can be successful through either; Busy places, where there’s a lot of footfall and members of the public walking around can often sway thieves away from stealing. Look for Smart Car Parks, which have been accredited from the Police, which means it’s a safe car park and have passed numerous test.

On View – Find a spot which is monitored by CCTV, again this can deter criminals away, or even help stop a theft midway through. Also areas which are regularly patrolled by security guards are a very good place to store your bike. 

Accessories – Remove lights and seats and any removable or valuables from your bike. 

Timing – Know how long your bike is going to be locked up for, in the winter periods you may go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. So ensure there’s adequate and well lited area in which you stored your bike. If you can, regularly check up on your bike. 

It’s very important you maintain your locks, ensure that you take good care and check for rust/erosion. Shopping centres can sometimes offer the best form of public bike storing protection. 

To all you cyclist, be aware of your surroundings and check your locking smartly.

Myriad Facilities Group offers Events Security to Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Cheltenham. We also cover all South West, click here to find out about our services.

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