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Myriad Facilities Group, a Bristol based Security company, who services the South West. We are now offering our latest online audit system. Keep on top of your access control, staff rotas, fire audits and Occurrences Reports. 

Myriad Facilities Group is continuously looking to help staff deal with incidents with the minimal incidents which involves a member of our staff being assaulted. We want to create a safe working environment for everyone, our staff should not tolerate abusive language, and especially not being assaulted. We will continue to review our efforts to provide the best working condition for out staff as well as our duty of Health and Safety.

As security Guards are one of the most vulnerable type of workers. As a security company, it is our duty to ensure we work even harder to establish a system which we recognise the dangers, we identify the problems surrounding our safety of staff, and we implement a procedure and system to ensure our staff members know we are doing what we can to help reduce a threat of violence and assaults.

What is Assault Reduction Mission?


ARM (Assault Reduction Mission) has been created to reduce the possible threat of assault on members of staff and help prevent violence at work risks whilst on duty. We want staff to understand the importance of ARM and be able to successfully deliver competently ARM whilst engaging on site guarding duties. 

Our Duty

To ensure the highest priority of safety for our staff and customers and support them when and need be. We are to offer ongoing training and development for our staff to ensure they feel competent on site.



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