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Now life is starting to return back to normal for the day to day persons. We can now attend non essential shops considering safe practice is in place. This ensures we are doing the best we can to minimise infections from persons to persons. It can be a heavy burden to enforce these rules for staff, with already cases of verbal and physical abuse. As of the 27/07/2020 it is now mandatory  to wear face masks when inside shops. Again, a difficult situation to handle in case a customer becomes frustrated or you wrongly identify someone who may have a disability may cause offence, and cause bad publicity. 

That’s why Myriad Facilities Group has worked with retailers and undergone specific training to help manage during the covid-19 crisis. By step by step guidance and best practices to ensure all rules are followed, safety is met and ensure customers are satisfied.


Ensuring your retail premises do not become to overcrowded is essential to minimising the risk of contagion. Myriad Facilities Group carried out a full analysis of the site, by assessing a useful and safe queuing system. This also helps managing numbers and one way systems in the long run, without taking staff out of you daily operations.

Myriad Facilities Group can also supply equipment which for queues depending on the needs of your business and without taking space to other retailer neighbours.

Facemask Enforcement 

Myriad Facilities Group will ensure customers entering your premises abide by current government guidelines by checking customers have face masks when entering. Our staff are trained to deal with people who refuse to wear them or deescalate any frustration or upset caused if a customer who cannot wear one due to medical reasons. Our main focus is to ensure all customers who wish to shop do so in a safe manner. Our staff will be upskilled to effectively communicate from customer to store workers, without the need of severe disruption or damage to the brand.

Loss Prevention 

Dealing with shoplifters during a pandemic with the increase worry of having to effectively control guidelines and rules is a heavy burden to carry by yourself. That’s why it should be left down to the hands of Security Professionals. Deterring shoplifters away will help the risk of having to to come face to face and risk infections from COVID-19. We believe crime should be stopped before its committed, that’s why we believe in a high visibility to show presence of security in store. As we don’t want to get into a physical or close distance, but that’s not to say we won’t if we have to. PPE is also an effective way to help deal keep our staff safe and secure, and that’s what makes us safe in dealing with shoplifters.

If you need the help and support of a Security Company professional help, give Myriad Facilities Group a call today!

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