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Myriad Facilities Group, one of Bristol's leading cleaning companies. Home tips to read.

Its the new year, and perhaps one of the many things on your mind are cleaning, and having a routine for it. If you are a person who does not currently have a routine, and just goes with the flow. Then we hope we can bring some influcence by reading our blog.

Remember, your never to busy to clean start small apply them everyday and it can make the biggest of differences to your day.



By doing this everyday will help craft your mind into a routine. Its something so simple and takes seconds to do. It is also good for the mind when going to bed you have a made bed. It also airs the sheets and duvets from your sleep the night before.


If you have children, you know exactly how much clutter appears particularly toys. Clearing clutter before bed means you can stay on top of it a lot easier.


Once making beds and clutter clearing has been in your routine for a week, lets add more.


Wiping counters and cleaning floors can be added to your every day routine. We recommend after dinner, dishes should of course be cleaned and put away (dishwasher 2 hours after). Counters bleached and wiped, floors swept or carpets vacuumed.



Get on top of your laundry, by getting a load done everyday can mean your not left with mountains of washing to do on the weekend. Just one pile an evening should do it. We don’t recommend leaving wahsing machines on whilst leaving your house. Always ensure your around or near your home. Use a clothes horse, this fits atleast one load and can dry it overnight without using electricity.



Take this 3 week routine starter to get your mind in a way it auto pilot cleaning. By week 4 you should be doing at least 5 chores a day.

Myriad Facilities Group provides cleaners to businesses in Bristol and the Southwest. We aim to be the go to company for cleaning and security. As a facilities provider, we provide bespoke and outsourced services to companies and premises.


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