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When it comes to having CCTV in your home or around your premises. There are numerous thoughts that cross your mind. “Is it expensive” “is it going to look ugly”.

Truth is, it can offer you protection, and it can be still very cheap to purchase and have it installed. Myriad Facilities Group sets aside from security companies, and offer installation and products, along with other services. Here are some benefits of domestic CCTV.


Cameras are a great way to warn of potential criminals. Having visual CCTV around you premises majority of the time will turn criminals away in comiting a crime, just by having it attached to your wall. Also its a great way to reduce or stop Anti-Social behaviour.


Being away from your property such as working away from home a lot, or even if your a night shift worker. Sometimes people can often be continually worried about their home or properly whist away or working. Modern CCTV means you can log in and view your property live. Give you a reassurance and a piece of mind every time.t.


From the subject of a piece of mind, some CCTV cameras have the ability to detect movement and behaviour, meaning it can notify your phone that it has picked up unusual movement. That means you can log in and find out what’s going. If you suspect something strange is going on, call the police immediately and help prevent any crime, damage or burglary to your property.


If you unfortunately fall victim to a potential crime involving your property such as burglary, criminal damage or even arson. A camera could help solve a crime and identify a person(s), helping bring justice from your own equipment.

These are a few pointers of why home CCTV can benifit a home owner, but it’s not always as easy as just stick cameras around your house. There is a lot of legal and data protection surrounding CCTV even on private property. Meaning if your CCTV is monitoring other than your own property. You are responsible to GDPR and Data Protection. If you have any question surrounding home/domestic CCTV and installation. Give us a call.

Myriad Facilities Group, is one of Bristols based security companies. Offering Security Guards, to event security, alarm response and mobile. To CCTV products and installation. Check what we can offer.

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