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In December and January, the security industry can be very busy. This is due to Christmas events such as Christmas markets, corporate Christmas events and general Christmas sales.

Retail shops are the highest target. “Smash and Grab” a slang term used for when someone enters a store either by force or entering and leaving quickly, grabbing as many items as possible within a very short amount of time.

To prevent this, having security guards during the day as loss prevention officers is critical. A guard during the night, during store closure, might not be cost effective. However, alarm response by mobile security can be just as effective.

Furthermore the crime rate rises due to spat of burglary’s and raids due to the demand for money, food and gifts causing domestic homes to be higher at risk.


There is a new trend called ‘Storming’. This involves a large crowd with the intention of entering a retail store and steal large amounts of stock. The large crowds distract and conceals itself from staff. This trend started in mid-October.


Although it’s a season to enjoy, winter invites all sorts of problems when it comes to cleaning. Muddy shoes, rain, dirty windows and the return of the common cold. Just a few of the bug bearers for winter.

Keep your premises and work place clean and tidy and help sanitise the environment reducing risk of bacteria.

We’re offering 12% discount on all commercial new businesses until March 2020 when you quote NEWSDEC. (Prices vary depending on size and requirements, code still applies.)


Cold weather can cause havoc to roads for commuting and health and safety. Ice forms over roads and pavements causing slips, trips and falls, resulting in serious injuries. Vehicles can also come off the road. That’s why we offer Grit and snow maintenance to ensure your premises are safe for staff and visitors.

We follow the weather reports and warnings and will always be prepared to tackle the frost and snow.


During the winter, more energy is being used for heating and lighting to compensate for the darker evenings. Mobile patrols or locks and unlocks can help reduce energy waste by ensuring lights and heating are turned off when staff have left the premises.

Myriad Facilities Group Mobile help reduce your energy waste resulting in a more sustainable environment. It will also deter crime away!

We are currently recruiting for SIA Licensed guards and cleaners. If your interested, please contact us:

0333 305 7750 | [email protected]

Thank you for reading our blog spot, Myriad Facilities Group differs from other security companies. We add a modern approach to the industry, Myriad Facilities Group based in Bristol, offers services from Man Guarding, Corporate and events security, to CCTV products and installation, As a Facility Management provider, we can take care of Cleaning, maintenance and environmental needs.
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