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It’s a chilling moment for the whole country when the horrible and unfortunate attack happens, and the government declares the threat level at Critical. A lot of panic looms around, but what can you do to heighten security?

What is Critical?

MI5 is responsible for setting the threat level and they will notify the government who then declare the threat level at Critical, that means that an attack is imminent. However, they don’t know where or an exact time.

What should you do?

Although it isn’t the public duty to respond to the threat level specifically. Businesses should offer reassurances, particularly if you trade within the area of a recent terrorist attack.


Naturally, you’d be on edge, so watching and reporting everything should be a priority. Any suspicious behaviour should be reported to the police or Anti-Terrorism Hotline 0800 789 321.

Operation Plan

This is a certain operation or method you have in place, such as a contingency for when it goes critical. Businesses should practice them and ensure staff members know their roles.

What will a security provider do?

Tighten Security

Naturally if you have a security provider, the contract manager should have in place a specific operation or procedure, which is titled. He or she will then role this out and put it into effect on receiving the official threat level.

You may want to consider additional guards, especially if you have a large premise which needs to be patrolled, shopping centres particularly or where there is a high footfall.

High Visibility adds public assurance and increases the chances of deterring terrorism away. Actively patrolling all areas to show a presence

Stronger access control of vehicles will ensure a tighter security control other vehicle. Keep gates closed and search vehicles (with the permission of the driver).

Continual liaising with the client will help ongoing procedures through the heightened threat. There are many more means of what we Myriad Facilities Group can do to help alleviate your concerns for your business over the threat levels.

Get in touch now and find out how we can assist you, because security matters.               

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