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The importance of basic access control: Getting it right the first time and not the second time.

Callum Parsons explains core steps to access control which can be implemented by any size company or business.
Slack procedures can often turn sour, find out how you can alleviate current access control issues – and how it can help your business.

“If you don’t challenge it, you can’t manage it” – The essence of basic access control, but it is often missed.

I’m not just referring to people who intended to breach controlled areas, I’m also including people who have got lost on their way around or suspiciously hanging around. One key principle of access control takes us back to verbal communication, by asking a person a simple question such as “Hello, how can I help you today” is a key factor in securing an area or removing a potential threat from a secured premise. By acknowledging a person’s presence is enough to let them know they have been noticed.

Don’t just assume verbal communication means total control, other practices should be in place prior to any breach of controlled areas

I don’t want to spend thousands of pounds on high tech equipment

Businesses often think that access control systems are all electronic base and need to spend a high proportion of their budget to have a sound procedure in place. Although having a electronically controlled building is a common and extremely effective solution, It’s important to try to make people understand that we often forget the very basic traditions of accessing places and information.

Let’s look at the very fundamental procedures any business can put in place, I want to start from the very beginning:

  • Register – Your business will inevitably have a register of employees, suppliers, clients, and regular deliveries.
  • Appointment – So we need to break this down into two, Ad-Hoc or Regular, depending on which one they will both have two separate procedures. These procedures can only be implemented by yourself, however consultation from Infinite Security Circle, help consult our clients in the best practice.
  • Arrival – How does your business or premises allow entry, of course gates and barriers are the most common systems in place for a premise. However, lets talk about the procedures in place prior to entry. Ask yourself vital questions, is this vehicle registered, has this vehicle been booked in (appointment). Same applies for people.
  • Sign in – Crucial! All business should have a sign in register for visitors or contractors. Not just for access control, but also for fire safety. Consider a reception or a meeting lounge for a meet and greet.
  • Identification – Links well with singing in, all staff should have ID cards, all in date. Same should apply with visitors and contractors, when signing these people in, exchange temporary passes, take ID and hold it until they have finished. Effectively business should also consider regularly changing passes to help distinguish expired passes. (Such as a colour system) changing daily.
  • Control – Control the areas they can enter, does the visitor or contractor need access to a room. Ensure they only have access to that room, such as keeping keys separate from bunches, remember to audit the keys, sign it out!
  • Inspect – Contactor completed works? Inspect the area for cleanliness and for health and safety reasons.
  • Sign Out – exactly what it says. Ensure they sign out and everything has been returned and completed.

Now I have spoken about the very basic procedures businesses should consider or already have some in place. I want to address the importance of keeping these procedures alive. To do this just ensure these principles are adhered to:

Consistent – Everyday should be the same as the previous day
Strict – Make everyone aware of the severity, and ensure they follow it
No exceptions – Everyone should follow the procedures regardless of position or authority
Audit – Record access breaches (minor or huge) and improve from incidents
Challenge everything – No passes? Challenge. Somewhere they’re not supposed to be? Challenge it

Procedures have been mentioned a lot, that’s because basic access control is built upon procedures. They need to be applied and maintained, you don’t need to spend thousands to get it right the first time, but not having the basics, could mean learning from a second time. Get it right now!

If you are unsure whether your procedures are sound enough, just contact us . We will ensure a thorough consultation, we will test your site durability.

Myriad Facilities Group  offers Events Security to Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Cheltenham. We also cover all South West, click here to find out about our services.


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