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The main objectives as a security officer are:

  • The protection of life
  • The protection of property and premises
  • The prevention of loss and waste
  • The prevention and deterring of crime

Protect Life

Protecting life can take many types, such as:

  • Dangerous or hazardous situations – like slip trips and falls
  • Assault, where the threat or attempt of an assault is sufficient to require a response
  • Emergency situations, such as fire or flood, sometimes first aid if trained

Protect Property and Premises

  • Protect property from theft or damage, such as loss prevention, burglary, graffiti
  • Protect premises from fire, flood, criminal damage, defacement

Prevent Loss and Waste

Loss can be caused in three obvious ways:

  1. Loss by theft
  2. The loss of property through criminal activities
  3. Loss when confidentially

Security guards may come across private and confidential information. Such information should never be discussed with anyone, including friends and family. Should loss occur due to such information being given to others, serious criminal damage could be brought against them.

Abusing clients property can also result in loss such as, unauthorised use of clients computer systems to write letters or play games, social media, or unauthorised use of clients telephone.

Prevention and Deterring of Crime

Examples of crime which security officers will come across.

·        Assault·        Criminal Damage·        Burglary
·        Fraud·        Deception·        Theft
·        Trespass·        Robbery·        Breach of peace
·        Public order offences


Roles are constantly changing for security officers, they now take on more admin type duties. Depending on what type of site but a normal routine will consist of or expected to deal with.

  • Routine Patrols Internal and External
  • Incident Reporting
  • Daily Occurrence Reports
  • First Aids
  • Dealing with crime
  • Telephone bomb threats
  • Customer Service Request
  • Control of access
  • Monitor and view CCTV (Depending on licenses)
  • Deal with citizens arrests
  • Deter and act as a visual presence

These are one of the fundamental duties for a security guard. All sites vary to different assignments, however the core duties stay the same. There are many different market sectors for a security guard.

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