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What can a retail security guard do for your store? What are their roles, how do those roles combat loss prevention? 

Retail is perhaps one or is the most challenging sectors an employed security guard can work in. Its dangerous and demanding, knowledge of the store, known “hot items” and a record of known offenders can help aid the assigned duties.


Having knowledge of the store your working will help you with you duties. You should know what to do in an event of a fire or fire alarm activation. Fire exits, what to do with customers and staff, and the individual role your given. Know the products the store your working at, either its a supermarket, or a DIY store. Get to know the products which are more commonly stolen. Few examples are meat and cheese, alcohol. Power tools for DIY stores.

Known offenders should be recited in your mind, it will help distinguish offenders when entering the store. Either refuse them entry or keep a close eye on them when their walking around. Stores sometimes hold a record of banned offenders, which means its the security guards job to know he may have to refuse away.

Attending security meetings should be organised by a site security supervisor. This is a chance to discuss and share latest information and updating staff of offenders. Within a community, such as a high street or a shopping centre will hold these meetings and share information securely to update stores of current offenders.

The main duties of a retail security guard is deter crime and loss prevention. But a security service or a security company should offer more. These duties include.

  • Loss Prevention
  • Deter Crime
  • Apprehend Shoplifters (when safe)
  • Customer Service
  • Assist with fire activations
  • Assist Staff where possible
  • First Aids (if trained)
  • Keep Daily Occurrence Reports

Security Guards should be stationed by the exit door, of course to read receipts of customers leaving the store. Guards will sometimes review and monitor CCTV.

When a security officer is not at the door, he/she should actively patrol the store, giving a high visibility presence and showing customers and staff the store is secured. High vis should be worn at all times to show the presence. (unless its a store detective which means your “undercover”.

A security officer should be well presented, be approachable and have great customer service skills and communication. As the company is procured to help with loss prevention, it should be in the security companies interest to offer more. Bad communication and poor training can harm a companies brand. Infinite Security Circle are retail security specialists, and will ensure your store will run smooth.

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