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Myriad Facilities Group, a Bristol based Security company, who services the South West offers great home security tips to keep your home protected whilst away. 

Your home is one of the most valuable asset you can home, what’s inside your home can also mean even more to you. Keep your home safe from potential fire and burglary. Here are some useful tips to follow.

Lock all your doors and windows – Completely obvious but yet its often missed than you would expect. Before you leave double check your doors and windows. On a hot summer day consider letting the air in from the back of your house, or if possible upstairs to reduce unwanted guests if you nap off.

Leaving Lights on – If you are energy efficient and don’t like burning electric, consider switching other appliances off and leave main lights on such as a hallway or lounge light. Keep your energy bills down but keep a good deterrent.

Motion Security Lights – A very good deterrent, if anyone tries to sneak around and scope out your property. A large light flicker straight on them will certainly scare them away.

Alarm System – Alarm systems can be installed very cheaply, very useful and can protect your home massively. Systems can now be brought online and are now becoming a very successful market to the general public.

Locking Valuables Away – Consider storing those expensive jewellery away, or even money. Buy a sturdy safe which cant be picked up (drill it down if possible). Or look for a very good hiding place in your home.

Installing CCTV – It may cost a lot of money to install HD cameras all around your property, you may even think its for a large estate only. But installing a camera on a main drive way is a very useful deterrent, it can record suspicious behaviour or even catch a person. There is laws and regulations you would need to follow though click here.

Letterbox – Mail on the floor can indicate someone’s not in, install a box at the rear of your letterbox which catches mail.

Neighbours/Friends/Family – Work away a lot? Have a friend, trusted neighbour or a family member check your property regularly. Strongly consider when going away on holiday.

Dogs – Dogs should be loved and never brought just for a deterrent.  A dog will always bark when they hear someone is on their property and will instantly deter unwanted visitors away. But don’t just buy a dog for this very purpose, learn to love it.

Fire System – Regularly check the battery’s of your fire alarm, if you purchase a new fire detector check for British Standard and product reliability. Don’t be a subject to poor equipment.


We hope those tips serve useful for you, and are able to put them in place. Keep your home safe and consider your security, because security matters. Is your Bristol home vulnerable? Give us a call.

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