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Corporate Security is perhaps the most professional based role a security guard can carry out. The assigned duties very from each and every role, it varies but the core foundations of the role stay the same.

What is Corporate Security?

Corporate security can mean several types, it can iether be in a building privately owned, or even a government building which provides access to the public, such as a council building.

You can iether be situated at the front of house (so a reception) which means your the first point of call for anyone entering the building.

Or, situated on a different floor behind a reception, which acts as a access controller.

What Qualities do a corporate security guard need?

Corpoate security guards should have these qualities :

  • Well presented at all times (ironed cloths, polished clean shoes, men should be well groomed. Hair for both men and woman should be neat and tidy.
  • Great Communication Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Basic IT literate skills
  • Reading and writing skills
  • Works well under pressure
  • Customer service skills

What will you do as a corporate security guard?

Your role will vary depending on the site you are working at, the client will set certain assignments which they have agreed with the security company. However the basic roles you should expect or likely to come across are:

  • Control of access – visitors and contractors may come into the building for appointments, also staff will come and go.
  • Sign visitors and contractors in and out.
  • Actively patrol the building internally and externally.
  • Attend to any building faults and defect and report them accordingly.
  • Deal with fire alarm activations.
  • Attend loft entrapments and faults and report as necessary.
  • ¬†Attend First Aids.
  • Test building alarms, lift, fire exits.
  • Act as a visual deterrent.
  • Aid the client and provide customer service.
  • Monitor CCTV (if you have a CCTV and public space Surveillance badge)
  • Use the building management system.
  • Issue passes.

How is to become a corporate security guard?

If your looking to work within a security company as corporate security guard then you will need an SIA lisense iether man guarding or door supervisor lisense. Some places may even require you to have a CCTV license.

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