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Myriad Facilities Group , a Bristol based Security company, who services the South West. We like to post in depth security blogs to give a insight to the Security Industry.

The security industry over the years has taken somewhat reputation damage over the years. With people automatically assuming guard are “lazy” and just “sleep”. Well that’s not true, and there are many different sectors of security which have changed. Let’s look.

The Roles and Responsibilities

The aim of a security guard stays the same such as

  • The protection of life
  • The protection of property and premises
  • The prevention of loss and waste
  • The prevention and deterring of crime

However, their actual assignment has increased. Some security guards are trained and responsible for assisting with first aids, hostile recognisance, suspicious packages, bomb threats and terrorist threats. Although its not a common threat, terrorism, the possibility is still recognised and therefore guards will undergo ongoing training and specialised courses to recognise and report it.

Customer Service

Security has adapted and has recognised the importance of customer service, people employed within security now take on a more face to face customer role. With security being less (wait around and arrest people) a high visibility presence with the act of engaging with customers, has positively supported businesses to support their brand also save cost of hiring additional Customer Service staff. Driving customer service is the only way to obtain a great reputation, and you only can receive these results through ongoing training with security guards, that’s why we Infinite Security Circle ensures customer service is at the foundation of our business.


It is sometimes not appreciated that within a security job role, the threat of violence, verbal abuse and assaults are real and common. This can add a great deal of stress, emotional discomfort, a decrease in morale to anyone, to which some people may say “its your job deal with it”. That’s not true, although your prepared and trained to deal with it, it’s still not acceptable.

Now that Health and Safety Executive has highlighted it’s the companies’ job to ensure they do what they can to reduce the threat of violence. That’s why we Infinite Security Circle has implemented procedures and practices to ensure were doing our upmost to protect our staff.

Security may always be a first target for terrorism or malicious attacks, although again it is very rare and unlikely, we should all appreciate the possibility.


There are many qualifications which can develop staff that’s employed within security guarding role. From Level 1 courses all the way up to diplomas. It can be a great foundation to sharpen your skills, and it is not Widley recognised to the public.

To become a security guard, you must undergo a 4-day intense training with up to 5 exams which you need to pass. If you’re not competent you don’t pass.


The security industry invites people from all over, with Security companies being a lot more multicultural and diverse. The employment of female security guards is rising, and the industry reputation is now changing from the stereotypical “man’s industry”.

Customer Misconception

Some customer expectations are sometimes unrealistic. It is sometimes expected from customers that guards are to arrest a shoplifter on their own, physically remove aggressive people solo, or even split up a fight on their own. Although some guard may act irrationally, and deal with issues on their own. Companies don’t allow guards to physically involve them selves when on their own and have no support from another person. Doing so may result in the guard being disciplined, leaving a no-win scenario with the guard.

Sometimes, a guard may not be able to deal with every single problem. That’s just down to the individual itself, as we all act and react in different ways. That’s why we Infinite Security Circle, ensures full communication between us, our staff and most importantly our clients, to ensure full planning is conducted and reviewed.

Myriad Facilities Group  offers Events Security to Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Cheltenham. We also cover all South West, click here to find out about our services.

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