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Myriad Facilities Group, a Bristol based Security company, who services the South West. We like to post in depth security blogs to give a insight to the Security Industry.

Everyday businesses and buildings are affected by breaches of access control, and they don’t even know it. Yes, we’re not just talking about illegal or criminal breaches, employees, visitors and contracts allow unauthorised access.

Tailgating – One of the most common causes of access breaches. This mean when one persons or more, follows  a confirmed user through a door. One easy way to tackle this problem is having a strict clock in, clock out policy with your staff, meaning all workers must log their in/out movements.

Fire/Break Glass Emergancy Release – Sometimes your building can be vulnerable due to staff using fire exit doors. Fire exits should only be used in emergencies and of course the doors should be well maintained. Avoid using them and alert your staff. Good practice is placing trigger alarms on the doors to deter people away from using them. Emergancy release break glasses can often be accident pressed, often than not. This leaves the door open and free for users to open and close freely. Replace the break glass immediately, have a Building Management System in place. Also good practice is to have Morning checks carried out on ALL Doors.

Door Propping – It’s a hot day, you want that fresh breeze to circulate the building. But, your exposed to unwanted attention!  They’re many contributing factors to why doors get propped open, from workers smoking to contractors delivering parcels. However places which operate a high access control policy will be extremely open to failure. Place warning signage on your doors to warn people against doing it. Place alarms on your doors, this will deter criminals away if your door was left open. Also Building Management Systems can Alert you for doors left open. 

They we have it, 3 occurrences which maybe happening more often than you think. Test it one day, and see how vulnerable you really are. It’s important to keep staff up to date with security issues, regular reminders and strict polices and procedures will help levitate these problems. Implement now, be security matters!

Myriad Facilities Group offers Events Security to Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Cheltenham. We also cover all South West, click here to find out about our services.

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