Robust and Transparent Services

Myriad Facility Group provides transparent consultancy and manages a project through high standards and excellent customer service throughout Bristol and the South-West. With our experience, knowledge and enthusiasm we provide tailored made solutions by exploring the core problems thus bringing the solution to a boundless variety of clients.

But it doesn’t stop there, we believe in employee progression and benefits to make us, Myriad Facilities Group a great company to work for. With an increasing customer portfolio and growing reputation, we aim to be the go-to Outsourced Facilities Management provider in Bristol.

man guarding


Myriad Facilities Group provides a full physical security range. Your security needs are fully explored to maximize safety and efficiency.

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mobile patrol


Have your building secured during out of hours, our reliable mobile response will ensure your building is secure.

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Whether your property is small or large, we can provide essential repairs to building structures. From garden maintenance to painting, no job is to small.

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Protecting you environment whilst making your facility or property look appealing. If you’re a business it is you duty to ensure its safe and functional

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cctv risk

CCTV and Risk

Unsure of your site security? We have the skills to test your sites by experimenting your current security measures.

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commercial cleaning


Myriad Facilities Group will ensure your premises are sparkling clean, we also offer bespoke services from rubbish removals to site securing.

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counter terror policing

Stay safe during a weapon or firearm attack

The Police and Anti-terrorism relies on the general public to report and un-usual and suspicious activity which may happen in their neighbourhood, by reporting this to the police will help keep your community safe.

If you see unusual or suspicious behaviour or activity, go with your instincts and act. If you think someone is vulnerable to being radicalised, ACT.

Call 999 or report it to the Anti-terrorist Hotline on

Act to to prevent and keep your neighbourhood and larger community safe.

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